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3 April 1986
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how much itch can i contain
I'm seriously dying of sandfly itch =( It's almost unbearable but I know I can't scratch them otherwise they will scar. My friend said it looks like chicken pox. Maybe I should paste scotch tape or plaster over every bite to prevent myself from scratching. I experienced the power of their itch from OBS and I don't want it to scar my legs, arms, back etc. Maybe I should juz see a doctor and get an injection to relieve the itch.

liquan. reflects
Tuesday, September 30, 2008
1:03 AM


seeding clothes
Nithe's mum asked me to help him sort out his clothes and remove those that he doesn't wear anymore. I started by taking out all those I bought for him over the years and I was stunned. 30 office shirts comprising mostly of Armani Exchange, Raoul and FCUK. I knew his collection was growing but didn't really keep track. This is on top of his existing Robinson house brands and others. His wardrobe is twice the size of mine and collection of branded clothes is surpassing mine =( All he has to do now is juz to get rid of the parasite growing in his belly.

liquan. reflects
Monday, September 29, 2008
11:20 PM


fish talk

I'm back from the paradise where people only sleep, eat and dive. The resort itself is far from paradise but the idea of breaking free from all communication and work is amazing =) My primary school friend, my secondary school friend and nithe's secondary school classmate all happened to be on this trip, people whom we've not met for ages.
It's this really small resort for budget divers. They don't even have a jetty so we have to take this sampan from shore to our dive boats about 100m away where all our gears are. Thankfully there are few leisure divers so we had sufficient space to reg up our gears.

Our rooms are dorm style where 10 fits 1 room. There's air con but it only works from 7pm-7am as electricity is powered by the generator on the island. There's a toilet behind the blue door with 1 sink, 2 cubicles with no hot water supply. hmmm.. 10 people to 2 cubicles.

This is like my 4th trip to Pulau Aur. I don't love the place but it's where NUS frequents most. And since most people take their basic open water license there, a lot of the corals are dead.

Our super heavy diving gears

How can we leave Malaysia without some Ramly Burger =)
I've more than 30 sandfly kisses and a cooked back. Next trip shall be either Bali or White Manta. I'm done with NUS dive trips =)

liquan. reflects
Sunday, September 28, 2008
10:58 PM


all the fishes swimming in the water
To mark the end of this short little break, I'm off to cough to the fishes. I know I'm not supposed to dive when I'm unwell especially when I cough till I can't breathe properly and want to puke. Hopefully I'll make it back alive. Cheers =)

liquan. reflects
Friday, September 26, 2008
5:41 PM


all that shopping
  1. Dress appropriately. Avoid pants, jeans, shorts. Mid length skirts or dresses are most convenient as you can try bottoms under them without using the fitting room.
  2. No children, boyfriends, husbands. Juz making sure that they are not bored with shopping is enough to kill your shopping spirit. It would be nice if they could start queuing to pay even before you are done but that's quite evil.
  3. No heels. Slippers, pumps, flats are good.
  4. Who cares about image during a sale. Grab as many pieces as you like and hog a mirror. Try over what you are wearing to save the hassle of the fitting room.
  5. Take first, think later.
After over 5 hours of shopping at 2 different sales events

Anyway, my room has this strong leather smell now, thanks to the purchase of 2 more leather jackets from Armani Exchange (1 black leather motorcycle jacket and 1 off-white 3/4 leather coat), a handful of tops and a nice pair of Guess pumps. I know I'll probably not have much chance to wear the leathers but leather is my thing and they were going at less than 10% of their original prices. No way I'll be able to afford it even if it was half its original. Now all 3 ladies in the house will have nice leather jackets to flaunt. I developing a 'fall' closest when there's no seasons in SG. Oh well, I'll juz parade it at home and dream that someday SG will snow =)


liquan. reflects
Thursday, September 25, 2008
11:17 PM


Durian fiesta
To mark the end of the durian season, I invited a few friends to my condo club house's veranda for pizza and durian =) Since it's right outside the gym, the only access is to either book the function room (must pay) or to smuggle it through the gym. And while people are working their asses, trying to burn of those calories, we were happily attacking the pizzas and stuffing durian into our mouths.

not fair that chiew and I were not in the photo =(

Look how GREEDY Zeming looks with all the durian for his choosing

Nithe is on the attack

Our total damage


liquan. reflects
Wednesday, September 24, 2008
5:13 PM


my mini rock
Female Oct 2008

liquan. reflects
Tuesday, September 23, 2008
10:29 PM


your view, my view
Have you ever wondered how your peers, people who see you frequently but not know you personally, view you? Will you like to be known as the knowledgable guy, the pretty girl, the guy who hangs out with so and so, the girl who dresses inappropriately or do you not want to be noticed at all?

liquan. reflects
Sunday, September 21, 2008
6:56 PM


Training at noon with a stomach full of chilli from last night's supper plus an irritating cough. Not the best feeling in the world.

liquan. reflects
Saturday, September 20, 2008
4:14 PM


how to resist
Isetan Private Sale is on 25 September! It's like CNY all over again. Juz that it's with clothes and not yu sheng =)

liquan. reflects
Friday, September 19, 2008
11:46 PM


stephen tong gospel rally 2008

3 months of rehearsals plus 4 nights of performances and Gospel Rally at Indoor Stadium from 6.30-10.30pm is finally over. It has been 4 long and tiring days. Don't mistake this to be something of that of charismatic churches. This is Bible Presbyterian. His messages were in Chinese and very philosophical. And he has a damn good voice for his age (68). On average, he travels to 5 cities each week to preach.
The formation of this thousand strong choir has led me to appreciate Hermon's small little choir. For the past 4 nights, I've been sitting beside this little girl (sec sch) and she's totally TONE DEAF. I mean it's okay for someone to join a choir and ocassionally sing out of pitch. But she's totally off, shouts when singing and was oblivious to her pitch. It's like I can constantly hear a different NOISE from the others. Initially, she would turn and look and me, making me feel that it was my mistake. I've been complaining to Nithe about how tone deaf she is and he said that 7 out of 10 tenors and basses are tone deaf too and their singing is no different from chanting so I'm considered lucky. And so today before the final presentation, a lady from the row in front of mine told the girl straight in her face that she's out of tone and that if she hears herself singing different from others, she shouldn't sing so loud. If a stranger is to come up to me and tell me I'm out of tune, I'll juz shut up and stop singing. But no, she continued! So obviously she doesn't think she's singing wrongly. My poor ears. And throughout the message, she'll be sleeping. Why does she even bother to be there in the first place? I despise those who give verbal commitment but actions fail to live up. How busy are you that you can't dedicate 4 nights to sing praises to God?

liquan. reflects
Sunday, September 14, 2008
11:18 PM


my new toy
After 9 months of using crappy phones, it's about time =) Now I've to make sure that I don't lose it so avoiding cabs at all cost. Haven't taken one since that time and I don't want to either.

liquan. reflects
Wednesday, September 10, 2008
11:00 PM


us open champion

Straight sets at a Grand Slam Finals =) 5 consecutive wins, US$1.5 million + 2009 Lexus IS-F automobile. How much better can it get?

liquan. reflects
Tuesday, September 09, 2008
6:55 AM


US open final draw

Finals is on SG time 5am Tuesday. I'll juz have to try my best to drag myself out of bed =)

liquan. reflects
Monday, September 08, 2008
8:56 AM


a step closer to victory
Federer is into his 5th consecutive US Open Finals =) Against him will be either Andy Murray or Rafal Nadal. At this point of time, Murray is up 2-0 and the match is postponed due to bad weather. The biggest upset will be Nadal not reaching the finals. As much as I wish for Murray to win Nadal, I will prefer a Federer VS Nadal final where Federer can show who's king and a step closer to regaining his rightful title.

liquan. reflects
Sunday, September 07, 2008
11:43 PM


cheap thrill
I'm so lazy to do FYP readings that I used the Adobe 'Read Out Loud' function. It's kinda weird coz some parts are really monotonous but I can distinctively tell that there are at least 2 different voices rotating. It's still much easier reading it myself but listening to it forces me to listen through the whole article as there's no pause and play option.

liquan. reflects
Saturday, September 06, 2008
10:31 PM


i'm so over it
I know this gal who LOVES to wear either damn short skirts or plunging tops. I mean, is that the only way to get attention? It certainly caught mine. blah......

liquan. reflects
Friday, September 05, 2008
3:32 PM


2 Blisters, back flips and butt cramp
Am I ready for this all over again?

liquan. reflects
Monday, September 01, 2008
10:46 PM