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3 April 1986
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lousy sale
Read about the FCUK and Zara Sale on newspaper so decided to take a look. OMG.. It opens at 10am and when I reached at 1030am, it was already swarmed with people. It was like some warehouse sale, where they took out all there old stuffs, rejected stuffs etc and crazy singaporean shoppers grapped it. The stuffs were not very fantastic and there were SO SO SO many people that spoilt my mood as many of them STINK!! Glad that I left empty handed.. heeheee

liquan. reflects
Thursday, May 31, 2007
11:27 PM


sleep deficit
Played to consecutive nights of overnight mahjong, both until abt 6am. Totally shacked.. Need to replenish my beauty sleep..

liquan. reflects
Wednesday, May 30, 2007
2:01 PM


We totally LOVE Equinox hightea! The thought of enjoying a nice afternoon with friends with spectacular view from 70th floor and nice food makes me high. Thanks to WL for being too bored to go surf the GSS webpage and discovered that there's 25% discount for a min. of 4 pax dining at Equinox during the GSS period. It seemed fated that we were eligible for the discount. We were supposed to go a week earlier but it was fully booked, hence we had to push it back a week. Also, I intended to book a table for 3 but there were no small tables left hence they offered us a table for 5, allowing us to invite 2 more (nithe and jess's bf). So instead of the 15% UOB card is offering, we had 25% off the entire bill!! I'm still waiting for Jess to send me the PHOTOS

liquan. reflects
Sunday, May 27, 2007
10:48 PM


spot the difference
My mum bought this back for me from states. Apparently it's much cheaper over there, plus she paid for it.. heehee.. She told me that her fellow controller from head office, 2 ranks below the CEO, actually went to Chinatown to look for the immitation and was so proud about it. She's probably earning double of what my mum earns and yet she's unwilling to spurge on such stuffs. If wanna go for the brand, why even consider immitation?

liquan. reflects
Saturday, May 26, 2007
11:32 PM


luck of the host
Juz finished 2 rounds of mahjong at my place. First time winning money.. It's about time.. hahaha..

To Chiew and Jess, remember our equinox hightea on saturday! Starts at 3pm.

liquan. reflects
Friday, May 25, 2007
4:15 AM


MV White Manta
White Manta getting ready to set sail at Keppel Marina.

Chilling on the sundeck of Black Manta

Dive briefing

Dive platform where we rig up for our dive

Nithe and I

Me in my gears. The oxygen tank is really heavy.

10 fresh tuna traded from a Thai fishing troller for
1 watermelon, 1 loaf of bread, and 1 bottle of kaya.

Group photo on the sun deck

liquan. reflects
Wednesday, May 23, 2007
10:18 PM


Yay! I'm going diving tmr.. Has been about a year since I last dived. I'm so afraid that I've forgotten how to dive. Gotta flip through the dive manual to refresh my memory. This is the second time the church is chartering WHITE MANTA. I missed the first time due to competition 2 years ago. No way I'm gonna miss it this time. WHITE MANTA is probably one of the best live-on-board boats in Singapore. It has superb diving facilities, delicious food, WARM water, comfortable beds, and GOOD service. WARM water is really a luxury. The last time I went for resort dive with NUS dive club, the resort didn't have hot water. Imagine bathing at night with cold water after a cold night dive. Also, WHITE MANTA's crew will assemble all the gears for you. All you need to do is to wear it and jump. After each dive, you can climb up the boat leaving your BCD and tank in the water, don't need to carry the HEAVY tank up the ladder. The crew will then fish up your gear, rinse them and refill your tank. It's truly 5 stars diving. Can't wait!!

liquan. reflects
Sunday, May 20, 2007
6:47 PM


Nithe is at MUNUS (some inter medicine friendly games with malaysia uni)

liquan. reflects
Friday, May 18, 2007
11:34 PM


sales shopping is my incurable illness
Went for the Isetan private sale with nithe, courtesy to dt.. It was totally packed with wolves, trying to get their hand on the best deals. Didn't have much chance to look through the ladies bags and shoes department as it was chaotic. Wanted to take the opportunity to grab a few Ralph Lauren shirts for nithe but it was not meant to be. Somehow, the cutting juz doesn't fit him. So next time even when he has the purchasing power, sorry Ralph Lauren.
We stayed there for about 4 hrs and spent over $600. Nithe bought a CK coat (he looks REALLY good in it), a CK sling bag, Springfield shirt and pants, Nike and Nautica berms, and a pouch while I bought myself a pair of white skinny David Bitton Buffalo jeans. Was contemplating between this and a pair of levis ladies cut with crystals. It was like what I've been looking for (Buffalo) verse good buy (Levis). I could have gotten both but where's the money coming from? hahaha.. Besides, GSS hasn't even started.. lotz of chance for me to shop. And I'm proud to announce that I'm a size 24!
I have an incurable weakness for shopping during SALES! I tend to focus on how good the deal is instead of its final price. I juz find it hard to let go of a good deal, which leads to over-spending. I need to quickly find a job and occupy myself.

liquan. reflects
Thursday, May 17, 2007
9:51 PM


more mahjong
Mahjong at Ryan's place until 6am. And I've heard that senior class 02S65 Joel is getting married! Something like he signed on airforce and they have some married incentive etc. Not short gun though. hahaha

liquan. reflects
Monday, May 14, 2007
3:26 PM


YACG ladies (baoyi, may, ramona, michelle and myself) + 1 YACG guy (nithe) went to Anna's house to learn how to bake cheesecake. It was cool as everyone was involved. Nithe was overly excited and added his hand in almost everything, including the washing up. Maybe some day he can become iron chef cheng when I can be in-charged of eating. While waiting for the cake to be done, we played some geography trivia. Nithe totally thrashed everyone. The cake turned out quite well, juz that it's a little to watery.

At night, nithe and i went to PiersideRestaurant@OneFullerton to celebrate our mega 4! Finally tried the famous Wagyu Beef + foie gras burger ($45). It was DAMN DAMN GOOD! Will surely go back for more. Nithe ate roasted tenderloin with portobello duxelle & feuille de brick, bouchons of duck liver. hahaha.. Dining at those places make me feel real good..

liquan. reflects
Saturday, May 12, 2007
11:21 PM


BIE dinner
Our BIE dinner was GREAT! Most of them turned up on time, with the three organisers coming late. Opps.. Well, ladies need more time to doll up right. Being a typical american cafe, their servings were HUGE and it's a good thing we shared. There was a live band performing and they didn't sound too bad. But as chiew said, they are best appreciated with your eyes closed. heehee.. Also, we managed to get a complimentary mudpie, courtesy to one of their waiters who guaranteed that their mudpie was 4 inches tall but fell short.
Finally, 1 BIE gathering that's successful. I hope everyone had fun. Who says engineers are boring? We know how to enjoy too k.. On the side note, black has to be our favourite colour since 10 out of 13 people wore black. We need to have another gathering before killer year 3 starts.
Our group photo (opps w/o eric)

3 pretty organisers (chiew, jess, me)

half of us
(sandip, jess, weiguang, chiew, me)

more of us
(kristy, wangcheng, eric, weilung, jordan, zeming)

cheers to patra roy (whatever his name is)
We had enough of you
(chiew, me, vinodh, sandip, jess)

liquan. reflects
Friday, May 11, 2007
2:04 PM


dt, cheng long, nithe and I played about 8 hrs of mahjong last night. It was fun! Too bad wl couldn't join us. Surely there'll be a next time. Who can have enough of mahjong, especially when we are having holidays and have nothing to do but to rot at home? hahahaha

liquan. reflects
Thursday, May 10, 2007
2:25 PM


gambling = probability + luck
Have been staying out real late over the past few nights. Played Holdem on friday night until about 5am, then mahjong on saturday night until about 4am. My biological clock is totally confused now. I'm no longer able to keep track of what day it is, or what am i supposed to do. hahaha

liquan. reflects
Sunday, May 06, 2007
2:11 PM


ripley's believe it or not
Liquan hasn't spend a single cent on shopping since exams ended. She finds shopping BORING. She rather stone at home then go out.

liquan. reflects
Saturday, May 05, 2007
2:30 PM


Baked some brownies and cookies using nithe's high tech kitchen. His oven hasn't even been turned on before. The brownies turned out not bad, but the cookies were in a sad state. It was like eating chunks of sugar with chocolate chips. hahaha.. Ate 1 piece and declared it inedible. Anna is gonna teach us how to bake cheese cake on saturday!

liquan. reflects
Friday, May 04, 2007
6:20 PM


king of all kings

Turf City is truly a seafood heaven.. Everything there is mega-sized. Nithe's parents treated us to Alaska King Crab. It was huge, 3+kg.. They actually wanted something bigger. Really really delicious!

liquan. reflects
Thursday, May 03, 2007
10:11 PM


BIE outing - 10 MAY 2007
jessica chiewmei liquan eemin caroline tryphena kristy wangchen zeming jordan weilong yiren eric vinodh sandip weiguang,
we're arranging an outing to celebrate having survived 2 years of and still not quitting the crap bioengineering course of nus! (ok chiew wrote that, but she's not shy to say she's no ambassador of nusbie so too bad for them.)so yes, we're having a nice (not so) little outing involving dinner, desserts and just plain ole' sitting-around-doing-nothing-ness next thursday, 10th may 2007.for now, dinner is planned to be held at hard rock cafe (singapore) and we will meet at the entrance at 715pm sharp (yes, even chiew will be on time, promise). after which we will haul our full tummies to where desserts and chatting beckons.
ps. try to dress nice a bit lah k? no need to dress like an engineer.(ie. try to avoid t-shirt and flipflops.)

love, chiew n jess n liquan

liquan. reflects
Wednesday, May 02, 2007
11:55 PM



Had dinner at Carnivore@VivoCity where they flame grilled their meat on stewers before going to individual tables and slicing the meat right in front of you. It's a complete MEAT buffet! And I ate CHICKEN HEART!! It's about the size of a 50 cent coin and has a rubbery texture.. hahaha.. It's not bad after you got pass the IT'S A CHICKEN HEART stage. Nithe and I ate so much that we couldn't move after that. Buffets are sinful.

liquan. reflects
Tuesday, May 01, 2007
11:44 PM