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3 April 1986
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fine for jaywalking??
Have you heard of anyone who actually gets fine for jaywalking? I mean from young I've heard of how the police will fine people for that but I thought it was purely to make us safer pedastrians. But wrong, I've a friend who really got fined for jaywalking. Not once, but TWICE at the same junction, by the same person within 1 week. If I'm not wrong, it's $50 per fine. OMG! I nearly laughed my head off when I heard about it. It's at some small street near bugis. Cross when it's the RED MAN, a not-so-skinny indian lady will jump out from the bushes and demand for your IC. Any daring soul who wants to try, please inform me before hand. I want to witness it. It's darn hilarious..

liquan. reflects
Friday, August 31, 2007
11:37 PM


more hawker food please
A night out with the geeky bioengineers is always packed with laughter. Instead of eating at restaurants or cafes, Chiew suggested a Hawker night out at Newton since it's the most central location for all. As usual, everyone was late except the organiser herself. Most of the girls were so fascinated at how soup tulang is eaten, more so at how pro Chiew is at eating it. Knocking the bone juz for a small piece of bone marrow seems too much a hassle for lazy me. Besides, mutton isn't my thing. Kristy, Caroline, and Tryphena were brave enough to try. Cheers to them..
To Chiew: I promise to be early the next time k.. hahahaha.. We should have this more often since year 3 is gonna be pretty sucky and everyone's gonna be stressed up in school.

liquan. reflects
Wednesday, August 29, 2007
11:33 PM


transparent belonging
Some foreign students at NUS either blind or pure rude. I left my bag at one of the tables at engine canteen to 'book' it and 2 guys simply chose to ignore it. They happily sat down and started eating. I was standing by my bag, which was on the chair. It was not as if I used a packet of tissue or an umbrella to 'book' table. Luckily we had another table nearby. Perhaps they come from densely populated countries and thus have no problems in sharing tables with strangers. At least have some courtesy to ask?

liquan. reflects
Tuesday, August 28, 2007
10:39 PM


kyoho grapes
I nearly choked when my dad showed me Kyoho grapes in a Japanese supermarket at Liang Court costing $89 per kg. Normal grapes from China cost about $6 per kg. Who in the right frame of mind would spend so much money on GRAPES? So happened that there was this Japanese Food Festival at Harbourfront, importing these grapes at $33 per kg. Surely I must buy some to sample. Well, it's much bigger than normal grapes, with skin that's translucent bluish-black. The skin separates easily and it's really succulent. Imagine poking a straw in and sucking the juice. Of coz it's not possible but you get the idea. hahaha.. And it taste like Qoo grape.. At normal price, each grape cost close to $2. Crazy isn't it.. Japanese..

liquan. reflects
Sunday, August 26, 2007
9:30 PM


hallux valgus
I've self-diagnosed myself with Hallux Valgus. Apparently it's more common in older women so I have no idea how come my feet hates me.

defected foot --- normal foot

I'm supposed to wear shoes with deep toe boxes and LOW or no heels. But I don't think I have the luxury of not wearing heels. As I told Kristy, I wear heels for a practical purpose while she wears them out of vanity. heehee.. It's not my fault that I'm short right..

liquan. reflects
Monday, August 20, 2007
11:56 PM


xingyee's 21st
Celebrated Xingyee's 21st at her place's function rooms, upstairs were for friends and downstairs for relatives. The place was flooded with her RV friends. Even 4 out of the 10 who turned up from my HC class were from RV so they knew each other. We truly had a great time catching up, talking to the guys about uni life etc.. There was ALOT of food and really pretty desserts! Shall post the photos of the cakes and desserts first and wait for chenglong to upload the people photos.. Cheers!
Always wanted to order these pretty cupcakes. Nithe thinks that it can't be eaten coz it looks too fake. I think it's more like too pretty to be eaten right?

Look at her princess theme birthday cake! How can anyone bare to destroy this masterpiece.. Everyone was busy trying to take photo of the cake instead of singing birthday song for the birthday girl. hahaha

Not forgetting jelly tigger

liquan. reflects
Sunday, August 19, 2007
11:42 PM


rain is no obstacle
Decided to drag nithe to venture Haji Lane with me despite the rain.. The lane is really narrow and looks quite dead coz most shops on the ground floor were closed and shops on the second floor had no signboards. It's juz the shop number and a mysterious flight of stairs. I practically climbed every staircase I saw, to take a peek at the quirky stuffs they sell and also the interior deco of the place. I think the interiors and layout were more interesting than the clothes. Maybe I wasn't in a shopping mood, maybe I juz needed to get familarize with the place, maybe I went there coz I was supposed to be there.. Anyways, it's a different shopping experience and I guess I'll check the place out with WL soon.

liquan. reflects
Saturday, August 18, 2007
10:08 PM


my current mood is ...
Liquan is rather upset. Her friends asked her out but failed to inform her that the outing was cancelled at the last minute. She only found out when she was trying to confirm the meeting venue and time. She remembered vividly that she informed the organiser about her attendance. So well, 1 saturday afternoon is wasted.
I feel sad for myself.

liquan. reflects
Friday, August 17, 2007
11:27 PM


m1's for the hip and happening
Met up with my M1 collegues for dinner at Raffles City. There, we spotted what we thought was the most traditional method of blind dating (an elderly indian man holding few stalks of roses, waiting patiently for HER to approach him). It was kinda funny coz both the guy and the lady didn't seem to find each other despite it's obviousness. I realized that there's always boundless things to talk about, be it complaining about work, or their perceptions towards marriage. Really hope that we can meet up more often.

liquan. reflects
Wednesday, August 15, 2007
11:43 PM


sunday school sports meet
Went to MGS with the intention of helping out or being a spectator for the sunday school sports meet. Happily wore slippers and denim shorts. I ended up being dragged to be the team leader for some group, playing monkey bars, bean bags, weaving through cones, throwing balls, and running 300m BARE-FOOTED. hahaha.. So much for wearing slippers.. Now I'm suffering from a blister under my toe..
Despite only have 3 above primary 4 kids in my group, we came in first runners up. That's quite an accomplishment as compared to some other group with a GIANT who came in last.. heehee.. So fun to see the little children running around with boundless energy, participating enthusiastically at every station. Old kids like me get drained by merely 300m. Can't imagine what I'll be like in 20 years time.

liquan. reflects
Sunday, August 12, 2007
10:45 PM


$30 or 30%
Have been working like crazy for the past 2 nights.. Yesterday till 11pm and tonight ending at about 9.30pm on a public holiday. There's like super lotz of work to be done at office that they had to call me back to help out even though my last day was on Monday. And all this commotion was a result of 1 person's mistake. Normally for online purchases of phones, M1 will automatically give customer $30 off plus free delivery. But on the August newsletter sent out to customers, instead of $30 off, it was stated as 30% off. So M1 had no choice but to honour it and gave 30% off all phones as pre-national day promotion for 2 days (7-8 August). So poor eshop from an average of 70 orders per day shot up to about 130 orders and poor temp staffs like me have to slog like crazy. Obviously there are perm. staffs in office who are ridiculously inefficient, making things even tougher for us but heard that she's getting fired so well..
Before this promotion started, M1eshop was peaceful and she happily threw most of her stuffs to us. Before leaving, I casually mentioned that I hope there'll be 100 orders each day so she will die from writing the forms and it did come true, just that I still ended up writing most of them..

liquan. reflects
Thursday, August 09, 2007
11:47 PM


Purposely took half day off from work to go wakeboarding at East Coast Park Ski360degree with Nithe. It has been real long since I last touched a wakeboard, about 4 years. Remembered taking up wakeboarding in sec 3 coz of some related project (excuse to have some fun). hahaha.. Was so afraid that I've totally forgotten how to wakeboard after so so long, but after a few atempts, the feeling came back.

Wakeboarding on cable and behind the boat is actually quite similar. It's easier to learn behind the boat as the boat slowly accelerates and so the tension on the rope won't be that big, whereas cable runs at a constant speed so once your rope catches the cable, there's a sudden tuck. More importantly, cable is way cheaper than wakeboarding behind a boat so yar. Also, the ski park at ECP is bigger and more techno than the one in Batam.

Anyone interested to try? I'll probably be going down again some time next week. A real good workout for the upper body. I'll so gonna ache like crazy for the next few days..

liquan. reflects
Thursday, August 02, 2007
10:55 PM