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3 April 1986
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too full to move
After reading so many gourmet reviews about The line @ Shangri-la, I finally had the chance to dine there. My mum wanted to celebrate my god-sister's belated birthday and post prelims, and my sister's post promos. Here's when I'll start recommending places where I'm dying to try but ain't willing to fork out the money from my own wallet. The spread served was juz WOW! They had from international cuisine to chinese, indian, italian and japanese. After going through the first round, I was so excited and was actually afraid that there wasn't enough time (usually I'm flat after about 30 mins into a buffet). In the end, I think I only had stomach space to try half of their spread. I'm surely gonna dine there again, when I find a suitable ocassion to celebrate. hahaha
And also, Happy Birthday to Dt and baby Benjamin (Anna and Adrian's newborn).

liquan. reflects
Saturday, September 29, 2007
11:27 PM


I'm a happy girl
I've managed to convince Jess to go for the Isetan sale early in the morning with me (coz we need a isetan card to get in and her bf has it). Had to drag myself out of bed early on a rainy, holiday thursday morning for the sake of shopping and it was worth it. Managed to grab $200 worth of Armani Exchange stuffs. On normal days, $200 may get you 2-3 items in the store but I squeezed 6 items!! I couldn't believe how cheap the items were going at. Bought 3 guys tshirts for $20 each, 2 ladies tops for $30 each, and a 100% leather jacket for $80 (original retail price was $400++). When I saw the jacket, I grabbed it without second thought. I LOVE leather jackets. There's this punky yet lasting feel about it. Now I've a leather jacket to go with my knee length leather boots!
Isetan sales totally rox. I should apply for membership myself and stop bothering people.

liquan. reflects
Thursday, September 27, 2007
7:38 PM


argh! i need more time..
It's supposed to be our 1 week mid sem break but I seem to be even more busy. Don't think I have the chance to juz slack the whole day through without touching ANY work. Stuffs at hand:
  1. BN3101 - CAD drawing, group presentation & mid sem test
  2. IAP - NUS's list of IAP companies is really LOUSY so Weilung and I (the 2 brave souls who are gonna storm 6 months of crap) have to initiate our own IAP. Must try to confirm my conpany by this week and my supposed BIE academic supervisor, Prof Zhang Yong, is on leave till 16 Oct. IAP application closes on 3 Oct. Looks like his presence is not really required for the school to approve his leave. Also,
  3. BN3201 - finally my turn to scream and pull my hair about biomechanics lab report. The possibility of having 28x2 graphs doesn't sound interesting at all.
  4. And many other things left to catch up during this SHORT 1 week break

liquan. reflects
Tuesday, September 25, 2007
10:44 AM


sinfully satisfied
Feasted at PierSide once again to celebrate the pre-coming of Adrian and Anna's son. He's so gonna be the hottest dude around, chinese dad and american mum. Anyways, we had our favourite wagyu + foie gras burger again! Can't seem to ever get enough of it.

liquan. reflects
Saturday, September 22, 2007
11:56 PM


Tryph's belated party @ chiew's place
Chiew decided to invite the BIE kids over to her place to celebrate Tryph's Belated Birthday. Thanks Chiew for the hospitality.

It's potluck style so the food you bring is the ticket into the house.
Look at all the delicious food!

Birthday girl with her birthday JELLY

Things that kept us occupied throughout the night

Chiew decided to get Tryph this mega long bolster as her present. Seriously, have anyone seen a bolster this LONG? Or am I juz exceptionally short? hahahaha..

Where's the ceiling?

Happy Belated 21st Tryph!

As what Chiew said, you can't turn 21 without a party

liquan. reflects
Saturday, September 15, 2007
8:19 PM


girls are like wild felines
NUS Vanity Fair 2007 was totally madness. Jess and I skipped Partha Roy to get ourselves jam packed at central forum. Even before the event was open, people started queueing outside, trying to be the first few to lay their hands on the best deals. It was crazily crowded. People squeezing to the front tables juz to catch a glimspe at what's there to offer.
Can't really blame them as MAC was going at 70% off! Even their range was quite limited, people were still grabbing them. Seriously, I've never been to a sale that's so violent before. It was as if they were giving out them out for free. Well, most girls have a weak thing for sales and I'm glad that I didn't get unnecesary stuffs. Sales is a way to save money and not spend more money.

Ripped this off someone's blog

BF: How much you want me to withdraw?

GF: Just take some money out la..

BF: Ok $50 enough?

GF: Why don't you just take $250 out first, got extra then put back..

BF: ..........


Guy 1: Eh what you doing here?

Guy 2: Lining up for girlfriend lor, you?

Guy 1: Same lor, you no lesson ah?

Guy 2: Got la, life's lesson lor. never to volunteer to queue up for girlfriend.

Guy 1: Not worth it la, no modular credit one

Nithe should be glad that I seldom drag him to go shopping with me. The advancement of camera phones allows me to snap a shot and MMS it to him so he need not feel bored shopping around with me. It'll be nice if he fetches me after shopping, which he usually does.

liquan. reflects
Thursday, September 13, 2007
10:37 PM


top of the m
Nithe's mum's birthday and we celebrated at Top of the M (Meritus Mandarin Hotel). As much as I've heard about the revolving restaurant, today's my virgin visit. The restaurant really revolves, at a slow frequency, yet fast enough to be felt. Although Equinox is much higher (70 storey VS 38 storey), Top of the M gives a 360 degree panoramic view of Orchard Road. The atmoshere and food are great.. Nithe's favourite Jazz Trio from Triple 3 was singing there too. Can totally melt when they are singing..

Only the exterior of the restaurant, where to tables are, rotates. The kitchen in the centre and the glass panels don't move.

Our dessert: 7 sins

liquan. reflects
Monday, September 10, 2007
12:19 AM


What are the chances?
I really hate to admit how small Singapore is. I just found out that nithe's brother's gf's mum knows my dad! And it was way before the couple knew each other. I'm loss for words.
Nithe also mentioned a case of swap twin babies. 21 years ago in a particular country, the nurse gave the parents 1 wrong twin. And so happened that when the real twins grew up, they had a group of common friends, who found them really similar. The twins got to know each other and decided to go for a DNA test. Now, they are suing the hospital for SG$500,000. No prizes for guessing the correct country.

liquan. reflects
Sunday, September 09, 2007
1:13 AM


nithe 1, keyaki 0
I finally called Pan Pacific to check out Keyaki's weekend lunch buffet's validity and rates to find out that it's full on saturday. Tried calling twice, hoping that someone cancelled at the last minute or that the waitress was blur and made a mistake but they claimed to be full. Nithe really wanted his jap buffet so he came up with this story. He called the third time, claiming that he has this important guest who really wanted to try their food but was leaving Singapore at night, asking for exceptions. Also that he's a Pan Pacific card member (the card belongs to my dad) so shouldn't there be some sort of priority queue ? And guess what.. we got our table!!
I can't emphasize on how much we liked the food there even after patronizing them on various occasions.. Besides the price, everything is perfect. It's like $58++ per head but sashimi isn't included in the buffet list. Kinda sad right. I mean a normal 8 piece sushi set costs about $90 so would they be so kind to offer free flow sashimi?
Once again, Nithe proved that he can get things done.

liquan. reflects
Saturday, September 08, 2007
4:36 PM


nothing like japanese - human tetris
Only Japanese are able to come up with such whacky ideas. When nithe first showed me, I almost laughed my lungs out. Darn hilarious.

liquan. reflects
Wednesday, September 05, 2007
11:30 PM


happy 21st to Amanda and caroline
Thanks Amanda for ferrying us to Bintan Lagoon Resort for her 21st Birthday Party.
The villa was gorgeous! It was this double story bungalow, 4 bed rooms, a private pool, and a buggy for people without driving licence to amuse themselves. Wx: You did a pretty good job at maneuvering the buggy..

Some went to the beach while we drove off with the buggy to explore the activity centre and got ourselves some temporary tattoos.. By the way, that's not my shoulder.

Such a pity it was raining there. The guys had to BBQ in the balcony. Look at the pool behind.

The great NYGFS

Upon embarkment, I hitched a ride in Amanda's cousin's convertible to Caroline's party at her place in Pasir Ris. Her house was beautifully decorated with silver and purple balloons, really pretty. And there was the deck which her dad built, really cool. Caroline even performed a piece for us.. Wow she's good man.. I mean she has a grand piano, an upright piano and a whole storage of violins. Surely she's musical.. (Please watch the video below)

BIE people rocks!

liquan. reflects
Monday, September 03, 2007
11:47 AM


biobiz 2007
Before Eric left for NOC, he urged all of us to attend BioBiz. A few of us decided to go since it's partially subsidized by school, at the same time check out our future career prospects. It lasted from 9am till about 5pm. I've to admit that most of us slept through at least 1/3 of it. One guy even went on and on giving us some sort of organic chemistry lecture. I'm totally done with organic chemistry so please leave me out of this. hahaha.. I mean it's good to see that there are so many well-known pharma companies setting up plants in Singapore but I'm still not convinced whether there's a place for me in this field. Well, still in the midst of searching. All of us were dressed in formal attire (maybe except me) and it's a shame we didn't have a camera. Kristy and Jess: formal clothes shopping!!

liquan. reflects
Saturday, September 01, 2007
11:17 PM