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3 April 1986
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cold cold cold
Finally back from China. Survived the unbearable cold weather, the oily food, the long bus rides, and most importantly, their DISGUISTING toilets. 99% of them are squat-type, 70% of those either doesn't have flush or has flush that doesn't work due to the cold weather. Luckily the hotels we stayed in were good (settled for nothing less that 4 stars). It was a scenic trip where we had a chance to be close to mother nature and enjoy her creations of mountains, rivers, waterfalls etc..
  • Skiing
  • 2 hot springs
  • 40 min flight up the mountain, 12 hr coach ride down the mountain
  • Hunt for cheap DVDs. (SG$0.80 per disc)
  • EXTREME cold weather
Hopefully there will be more skiing during CNY. Bought authentic leather boots and tons of DVDs.. 24, lost, nip/tuck, friends, numb3rs, and all of CSI to add to my DVD collection.

liquan. reflects
Sunday, December 31, 2006
4:43 PM


victoria secrets

liquan. reflects
Wednesday, December 20, 2006
11:09 PM


Kuishinbo delight
Finally satisfied my japanese food craving. Went to Kuishinbo @ Suntec for the highly recommended japanese buffet. Considering it's lunch buffet on a weekday, there's certainly alot of people. Great spread, nice food, price still reasonable considering the stuffs they serve. It's scary seeing how people rush for the sashimi. Some plump lady sitting at the table beside me ate 1 big plate FULL of salmon sashimi.. Expensive food also don't need to be so greedy right.. I guess it's juz the concept of buffet. Everyone goes in to eat the more expensive items and fill their stomach until they can't move after that.
I've told you tons and tons of times never to wear berms with shoes. If i don't grumble at you about that next time, it means that i don't care anymore. Is this a ploy to trick me into getting you new birkies? hahaha..

liquan. reflects
Tuesday, December 19, 2006
10:26 PM


my new collection

liquan. reflects
Monday, December 18, 2006
11:20 PM


Winter Wonderland
Specialist Centre has the most disgusting car park.. It's supposed to be a two-way driveway but it's so narrow that only 1 car can turn at a time. So juz happened that there were MANY cars entering and leaving at the same time. More than 10 cars were caught in a bottleneck at 1 single turn. It's hard for 2 cars to be driving in opposite directions when the bornets of bigger cars are sticking out. Furthermore, the distance separating my car's side mirror and the car beside me is less than 10cm. Some impatient drivers started horning and expecting the carpark to expand or something. In the end, my dad had to help direct cars at the bend to facilitate traffic. Don't ever wanna park there anymore..
Bought most of our winter stuffs. Parents spent a bomb juz on their cashmere sweaters. The estimated total spent on jackets should be sufficient for an additional person's paid trip.

liquan. reflects
Sunday, December 17, 2006
11:42 PM


I'm a shop-addict
Went to squeeze with the crowd at the Miss Sixty Sale! Tried over 10 pairs before stumbling over 1 pair of skinny cut jeans. Apparently, they only have 1 model of skinny cut on sale and it only comes in size 24 and 25. Luckily, i managed to squeeze myself into the 25 as the rest of the cuttings are either bootcut or loose fit which doesn't really look good on my flat ass.. hahaha.. Seriously, who can resist Miss Sixty when they are having such mega sale. Then moved on to Guess at Scotts for more great deals. The branch at Scotts is less crowded as compared to the taka one and they have lotz of small sizes. Was so tempted to buy everything but i still have 5 unworn VS tops and 1 Armani Exchange top coming. WL suggested that i should go out only with my Ezlink card and nothing else. Realized that only stuffs with mega discounts appeal to me. Call me cheapo but branded stuffs are only worth buying when it's on sale.
If u wanna look good in something, buy it urself or get someone to buy it for u. Don't leech off others especially if it's a gift.

liquan. reflects
Friday, December 15, 2006
11:16 PM


had dinner at the Rice Table @ International building Orchard.. ala cart buffet style with over 20 small dishes served. Filled ourselves till our throats while listening to Flavin share about university life in Australia, about how the aussies drink wine/beer like water, and interesting hall stories. University life as a local student and as a foreign student is really different.. How different will my life be if I'm given a chance to study abroad?
Both soles of lenith's shoes finally gave way. I'm sure it's also a sign telling him never to wear berms with shoes again. hahaha.. laughed so hard that i couldn't breathe properly..

liquan. reflects
Thursday, December 14, 2006
11:50 PM


cold vs hot
The place i'm visiting in China will be around -12 degrees celsius when i visit in 1.5 weeks time. So gonna freeze my ass off.. Italy was not even below 0 degress celsius and i could feel my lungs shiver.. This is gonna be way way worst.. Wonder how am i gonna survive?

liquan. reflects
Wednesday, December 13, 2006
1:44 AM


VS where are u?
My VS stuffs have finally arrived from States but it's stuck at Tiffany's aunt's place. Won't be able to collect it until she's back from KL next week. Was really looking forward to her return so i can collect my stuffs but guess there's always some hiccups.. Nevertheless, still grateful for her to bring back stuffs for us so we can save on the shipping cost.

liquan. reflects
Tuesday, December 12, 2006
10:55 PM


phone bargain
Less than a year ago, nithe bought his N70 for $270 at HELLO shop. Today, he traded in his almost giving way N70 for $330 and bought brand new Sony Ericsson K800i for $290.
  1. He finally got rid of his problematic phone
  2. Bought a new phone with power functions at a good price
  3. Got paid to change his lousy phone for a better one

I had no idea such great deals even exist. In fact, I dragged him to Tanjong Pagar to shop with me but the store wasn't open. Ended up checking out the trade in values of his phone as it was crawling into it's grave soon. Since this shop offered such high trade in value, why hesitate?

liquan. reflects
Monday, December 11, 2006
9:29 PM


Handel's Messiah
Instead of studying for my last paper, i went to listen to Handel's Messiah by Hallelujah Oratorio Society, followed by supper at Glutton's Bay. So much for studying.. hahahah.. Can't wait for exams to be officially over (self-declared it over long time ago)!!!

liquan. reflects
Monday, December 04, 2006
12:48 AM